Our teaching faculty

The teaching faculty serving on the PEASS program include teachers of Arabic for non-native speakers with expertise in course design, class management, lesson planning and testing strategies; lecturers and researchers in charge of classes in Social Sciences as well as trilingual translators (Arabic, French and English).

PEASS teachers of Arabic for non-native speakers have an advanced professional experience in teaching standard Arabic to non native Arabic speakers (at least 4000 teaching hours to this specific group of learners).

They followed ACTFL training (American Council for the teaching of Foreign languages) for the assessment of non native Arabic speakers language skills (written comprehension, oral comprehension, written production, oral production, oral interaction), and have already proceeded to the assessment of thousands of students according to those internationally-recognized criteria.

Each student enrolled in PEASS (long-term course) benefits from 3 assessments per semester, in order to measure the progress made in all language skills: an initial placement-test, before the beginning of the program; a mid-term test, after the 25 first days of the program; a final semester test, at the end of the 50 working days of the program.

Students are assessed against a general evaluation benchmark, consisting of 4 general levels (“Beginner”, “Intermediate”, “Advanced”, “Superior”). Those 4 general levels are split into 3 sub-levels (ex: “Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, Intermediate 3”), each of those consisting of 4 stages of progress(“Novice”, “Low”, “Medium”, “High”).