Conditions of eligibility

Conditions of eligibility vary according to the type of program. Look at the table below to find out if you can apply for the program of your choice.

To apply for a long and mid-length program, you must fulfill the following criteria:

  • to have studied standard Arabic for at least 150 hours where grammar was the main focus, which enables you to demonstrate an Intermediate level in standard Arabic (B1 or B1+ in the CEFRL, Intermediate 1 on the ACTFL evaluation grid)
  • to have validated two years of higher education study when you start the program chosen. For instance, to join the long program beginning in September 2017, you must currently be at least in your second undergraduate year. This means that all students registered for long and mid-length programs are in their third year of study when they take the program.
  • demonstrate an interest in social science research.

Short PEASS programs on offer in the summer are open to all students, regardless of their area of study, study level, and level in Arabic.