PEASS students registered for long and mid-length programs have access to Egetheque, the EGE library, one of the largest francophone social science libraries in the Africa/Middle-East region.

3 documentary collections

The EGE library houses 3 social science documentary collections:

  • the EGE collection comprising mainly material for undergraduate study in the main disciplines of political science, economics, and social science (standard books and publications, manuals)
  • the Jacque Berque collection, comprising more than 8000 documents deposited at Egetheque in 2014 by the Jacque Berque Centre, the Mixed Unit of French Institutes Abroad (UMIFRE) based in Rabat, in association with an operational structure of the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and a French research institute abroad. The collection mainly comprises published theses and social science fieldwork research conducted in Morocco and on North African society.
  • the Sciences Po Aix collection, comprising 3000 archive issues of periodicals, 2000 books, notably sets of academic journals on the ‘Maghreb’, as well as many other books awaiting reedition.

Wide range of books and other media

Access to Egetheque means the opportunity to consult 23,466 printed volumes (books and scientific journals archives), more than 200 non reedited titles, 53,246 resources in digital format accessible on or offsite (including 23,044 titles of electronic journals and 30,075 ebooks), and more than 40 national and international newspapers and magazine titles.

Egetheque overall collection is mainly composed of material in French (82%), but also in Arabic (8%), in English (8%), and in Spanish and Italian (2%).

Extensive range of digital media

Multidisciplinary digital media may be consulted on or offsite: 14 databases online, a collection of 53,246 digital documents, including 30,075 digital books and 23,044 digital journals.

Among the databases available through Egetheque, CAIRN, JSTOR, ALUKA, Ebscohost, Academic Search Elite, ERIC, GreenFILE, Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts, MEDLINE, Arab World Research Source, or UNIVERSALIS.