Check out what students say about PEASS short and long-term programs.

Myriam from Sciences Po Paris

Dalila from Sussex University, United-Kingdom

Ryan from Griffith University, Australia

Fatima-Ezzahra from Sciences Po Paris

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Testimonials of long-term program students

Katharina, 25-year-old, Marburg University (Germany)
“I haven’t worked this hard in years but when you see your progress, it’s worth it!”

 Sonja, 23-year-old, Marburg University (Germany) 

“Over the past six weeks (i.e. since the beginning of the program), I learned twice as many vocabulary words as in the past two years of my Arabic studies…”

Nadia, 22-year-old, Bergamo University (Italy) 
“For me, this program really offers a relevant method to learn a foreign language, in this case, the Arabic language. I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn it. It’s a very intensive and difficult program, but at the end you will really feel proud and satisfied when you notice the progress made.”

Miriam, 21-year-old, Marburg University (Germany) 
“In this program, you will learn more thant ‘Hello, I come from…’ Interesting political and societal topics and working on real articles from Arabic press will increase your level inmensely”.