Program overview

3 programs

The overall PEASS unfolds over three programs:

  • A long-term program of 500 hours, starting early September and ending late May. Is spans two semesters, with 300 hours allotted for the first semester and 200 hours for the second semester.
  • A medium-term program of 300 hours, starting early September and ending late December
  • Short-term programs are scheduled for the months of June and July of every academic year. They range from 100 to 200-hour programs, depending on the program duration.

IMPORTANT: Direct access to Semester 2 of the long-term PEASS program is not possible. Students proceeding to the second semester of the long-term PEASS will have completed the pre-requisite of Semester 1, which involves 300 hours of intensive study of Arabic language. Semester1 of this program unfolds in several formats geared specifically towards an accelerated consolidation and expansion of the lexical fields of Social Sciences.

In all programs on offer, students are placed in small size groups that match their respective proficiency level. Group size ranges from groups of three to twelve students at most. The average class size rests around six students.


Students have permanent access to multi-media language rooms specially designed to monitor students’ progress towards the goals targeted. Such rooms are equipped with overhead projectors, revolving boards, 25 computer units with Arabic keyboard and 1500 audio recordings readily available in both standard Arabic and Darija, the Moroccan dialect.

All classrooms are fitted with audiovisual appliances crucial for the students’ optimal progress towards the targeted goals (overhead projected, revolving boards, with suspended ceiling baffles, etc.)

The only classes accommodating more than 12 students are lecture classes in social sciences taught by university professors in the second semester.