PEASS Program

PEASS, Program of Arabic for the Study of Social Sciences, is an intensive language program designed for students and researchers working on issues relating to the contemporary Arab World.

The program is designed for non-native speakers of Arabic who wish to substantially improve their proficiency level and, hence, gain direct access to written and oral (audio-visual) sources pertaining to their field of study. It combines two complementary approaches:

A linguistic approach geared towards the development of communicative and pragmatic competencies of Modern Arabic together with language accuracy in terms of structure and syntactic control, spelling as well as word choice.

An academic approach geared towards training and research in social sciences as well as the study of issues that entail fieldwork in countries of the Arab World.

Long-term program, mid-term program, short-term program

Every year, the overall PEASS program comes in several formats, ranging from a long-term program which takes up 500 contact hours and runs from September through May, a 300-hour program (September through December) and short term summer program of 100 to 200 hours in June and/or July.

A program specifically designed for students interested in social sciences

The PEASS program is especially designed for students enrolled in degree programs in Social Sciences (Sociology, Political Science, History, Anthropology and Economics) and postgraduate students (Master and doctoral students).

Students undertaking their second or third year of undergraduate study are also eligible for the PEASS program.

Other eligible students include students registered in programs of Political Sciences, Public Policy, International Relations, Arabic Language, Culture and Civilization as long as they express an interest in research in the field of Social Sciences.For further information, please consult the section on Eligibility Criteria. 

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